Brooms - Commercial & Heavy Duty

The key to the upkeep of any floor space is simple; a good quality broom that does it all. Whether it be sweeping up the mess at an entrance, keeping your loading bay running smoothly, or ensuring those large commercial spaces are free from clutter – we have all types of different shapes and sizes dedicated to keeping your life simple. A great broom makes light work of any surface, whatever the material. Save time and money through our range of commercial and heavy-duty broom products.

The Different Types of Commercial & Heavy Duty Brooms 

At One Stop Cleaning Supplies we have a variety of different brooms that will help make back breaking sweeping a thing of the past. 

Outdoor Brooms - For professional heavy-duty customers that have tough conditions and need to sweep away the largest debris, our ever-popular extra stiff bristle broom makes the perfect tool. On outdoor surfaces like brick paving, concrete, tarmac, and bitumen our brooms can handle anything – we even have a variety of colours to choose from so that you can have a dedicated broom for each area your team is assigned to.

Indoor Brooms - Indoor brooms are suitable for a wide range of indoor floors including vinyl, tile, polished concrete and more. Their finer grade bristles enable them to effectively capture smaller particles of dust, food scraps, dirt and more.

Cobweb Brooms - Cobwebs strip our spaces of their beautiful aesthetics and just make our spaces seem dirty. If you’re a hotel trying to attract new and existing clientele, the last thing you want is a cobweb catching their eye and disrupting your customer’s stay. Our cleverly designed contour-shaped brooms are effective in removing cobwebs from all types of nooks and crannies including ceilings, vents and cornices – try attaching an extendable handle to reach new heights.

The Benefits of Heavy Duty Brooms in Commercial Spaces

A good quality room will make your floors like sparkling clean and not only save your back but also do it quickly as well. A broom with good quality bristles means less debris get through the broom thereby helping you achieve a great clean with just one pass. Lightweight brooms will also save you time and strain on your back as well.

Commercial and Heavy Duty Brooms for Sale at One Stop Cleaning Supplies

View our range for great deals on our range of commercial and heavy-duty brooms. If you are in the market for an spare handle, don't forget to view our range of broom handles.