Bathroom Cleaners 

Keeping bathrooms clean tends to be one of the biggest worries of any professional cleaner, homemaker, or facilities manager. Due to the way bathrooms are constructed, they tend to have poor ventilation in comparison to other parts of a building. This lack of ventilation can cause a build-up of bacteria, fungus, and mould, especially if they’re not cleaned properly. As any cleaning professional will tell you, the right set of bathroom cleaning supplies can make a world of a difference. The right choice of bathroom cleaners can also save you a fair amount of time and effort, as the cleaning chemical does all the heavy lifting. The trouble is, bathrooms are high-traffic areas and hard to clean properly, therefore you need products specifically designed for its purpose. At One Stop Cleaning Supplies, you can choose from a wide range of bathroom cleaning chemicals from brands like Dominant, Citrus Resources, Rapid Clean, and Agar. Many of these cleaning supplies are being used in places like hospitals, restaurants, sports venues, and public restrooms. You will find that many of the bathroom cleaners we stock can disinfect, descale, and deodorise. They are great for removing grime caused by a build-up of water in showers and other areas of bathrooms. In addition, they often come with a pleasing fragrance, which helps to keep the bathroom feeling and smelling fresh.  These bathroom cleaning chemicals are fine for use in toilet bowls and urinals too!

The Benefits of Using a Professional Bathroom Cleaning Chemical

To save lots of time and money on labour, the easiest method to clean bathrooms is choosing the correct chemical. You don’t want to damage bathroom surfaces like porcelain, tiles, and glass with poor chemicals – so take your time to choose the correct product. Given the high traffic areas of most bathrooms, you can use up quite a lot of products – but our products work economically with the concentrated formulas that help them last longer.

Commercial v. Household Cleaning Chemicals

A clean bathroom needs a good array of cleaning chemicals. Unlike normal domestic chemicals which aren’t as strong, commercial-grade toilet, shower and bathroom cleaning chemicals are stronger making your cleaning quick and effective. In addition, commercial grade cleaning chemicals often work out to be a fraction of the price of household cleaning chemicals.

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Bathroom and toilet cleaners that eliminate messy areas without damaging the surface are hard to come by. Why not try our range of bathroom cleaners that replace bad odours with great fragrances, making your bathroom experience more comfortable? View our range above of quality bathroom, toilet, and shower cleaning chemicals from One Stop Cleaning Supplies. To help keep your venue looking great, you may also wish to browse our range of all-purpose cleaners and commercial spray bottles.