Floor Cleaners

Want your floors to look and feel sparkling clean? Do you have a build-up of dirt, grime, oils and other deposits? At One Stop Cleaning Supplies, we know that maintaining a clean floor needs the right blend of chemicals and tools. A proper commercial-grade floor cleaner is what you need, as they are made from formulated chemicals designed to navigate a wide range of floor cleaning tasks on a variety of hard floor surfaces. Our range of floor cleaning chemicals will cut through grime and dirt in a flash, leaving your floor looking clean and streak-free. We have a wide range of floor cleaning chemicals to make your floor care easy. Whilst the list of floor cleaning chemicals is endless, the right chemical will depend on the job at hand, as well as the type of floor surface being cleaned.

Different Types of Floor Cleaners

With so many people coming into your commercial areas every single day, the likelihood is that your floors are going to pick up dirt and grime. Make life easy on your cleaning team with heavy-duty floor cleaners that give your surfaces a shine from the very first use. When it comes to floor cleaning chemicals, there are many different types to chose from. These are summarised above:

General Floor Cleaner

Select a general floor cleaner when you have floors with mild levels of dirt and grime and are looking for a chemical used in general maintenance and cleaning of wooden, tile or vinyl floors.

Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner

Choose a heavy-duty floor cleaning chemical if you have tougher build-ups of deposits, or if the floor has been subject to high levels of foot traffic.

Floor Stripper

Floor strippers have specifically formulated chemicals that assist in removing old wax, solids and debris found on the floor. This process is often conducted before new wax or polish is applied, thereby giving the best and cleanest possible new seal for the floor. Floor stripping is a labour-intensive and time-consuming task, and a floor stripping chemical will help make the process lighter.

Key Benefits of Floor Cleaning Chemicals

A great floor cleaner will make cleaning your floor easy as well as streak-free. A quality floor cleaner will do all the heavy lifting whilst keeping the surface damage free. Some commercial-grade floor cleaning chemicals can also leave pleasant fragrances behind after cleaning.

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