Floor Pads & Floor Scrubbing Pads

Sparkling clean floors seem to take an age to achieve. But with a quality floor pads, you can have  a sparkling clean and shiny floor in a fraction of the time. In simple terms, a floor pad is an oversized scouring sponge that goes on the end of a specifically designed mop head. You can scrub the floor quickly and easily, especially when it comes to food scraps, dirt and other irritating stains. Our beautiful range of colours eliminates the risk of cross-contamination between your various surfaces. Choose between blue, red, yellow, white, and green or cash in on our special bulk packages that include 10 floor pads. 

Key Uses of Floor Pads 

Whether it needs to be a workplace, restaurant or large commercial space, a good quality floor cleaning pad is an essential cleaning tool to help you create that clean and shiny floor surface that you need. 

The Benefits of a Good Quality Floor Pad

Sweeping and scrubbing floors can be a heavy-duty job that isn’t easy on the body. Whilst it might be OK for a small area, when a larger floor area is involved, you want to ensure you have the best tool for the job. A good quality floor pad with durable fibres will help you prevent those aches and pains by minimising the amount of scrubbing required.

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