Oven Mitts, Oven Gloves and Kitchen Mittens

When the pressure is on in the kitchen, the risk of burns increases significantly. Chefs and kitchen staff can become so focused on service that sometimes safety falls off the radar. This is where a good quality pair of oven gloves make all the difference. Oven gloves (also known as Oven Mitts or Kitchen Mittens) are a special type of glove that is designed to protect your hands when handling hot surfaces. Regardless of the size of the burn, you need to be protected. Grab yourself a pair of oven gloves that allows you to quickly move your hot pots and pans between stations without the risk of damage. For great heat protection, explore our range today.

Oven Mitts Construction

A great kitchen mitten is typically made of a cotton-type material, often padded for extra insulation, allowing you to pick up the plate or pan straight from the oven and travel to your service station.

Key Benefits of Oven Mitts

Kitchen burns are common at home and at work. Busy mums and dads, chefs and commercial kitchen workers are all at risk of getting a burn and we all have scars from that excellent beef roast that left its mark. That risk goes up immeasurably without the correct equipment to protect you. As we all know, kitchens can be dangerous places. Having a ready-to-go stack of oven mitts near all of your cooktops and ovens will ensure that you never forget them again - even in the busiest of times. For such a small cost, oven mitts can help prevent so many injuries, keeping your service running smoothly.  Oven mitts are one of those essential pieces of kitchen equipment that help to keep our kitchens running smoothly and safely. A good quality pair of oven mitts will protect from burns, whilst also being easy to put on and slide off. Forget about using a thin piece of linen or a cloth to grab your items out of the oven. The protective material isn’t designed for that purpose. If you’re serious about your job, you’ll need a pair of professional oven mitts.

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